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Intelligent strategy USA LLC is a marketing, strategy and consultancy firm specializing in facilitating South Asian companies to reach North American buyers and retailers.

We have a wealth of knowledge and proven expertise in dealing with buyers & retailers and promoting South Asian apparel manufacturers in North America.

Current market conditions are ideal for promoting South Asia as THE key destination to source apparel for North America.

To effectively engage with buyers, it is important to have the presence in this part of the world and engage in direct marketing. However, excessive costs and a lack of know-how can often be a deterrent. Often times buyers get frustrated that no one from the manufacturing end is available to clarify simple concerns and issues. Financial constraints and the time factor prevent exporters from sending their representatives on site. With Intelligent Strategy USA as your representative, we can take care of all this for a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise have to bear.

We have the expertise in-house to establish your company in North America.. We can help your company to set up its own trading office in USA for as little as US$1000 per month.

Not content to just set you up in the market, we will help you capture it by providing individualized services. Our aim is to bring manufacturers and buyers closer by helping them to resolve day-to-day issues more swiftly and effectively.

The key services we offer,

Each of our solutions is tailored to the individual company, its needs and goals.

To ensure a successful partnership, we will agree on objectives, a timescale and cost before we begin any venture.

Founded in 2014, Intelligent Strategy USA combines the best experts, a great track record and

Founded in 2014, Intelligent Strategy USA combines the best experts, a great track record and personalized services to ensure that your company reaches its full potential in the North American market.

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